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Inflation, global warming and the rut of everyday life. The world these days can be harsh and sinister for most of us.      

  C RITTER and its monochromatic lycra looks are an antidote to this gloom. Inspired by 'critters' of all kinds, it stands for shapewear that adapts to every situation whilst being resilient and eye-catching. Engineered to elevate your uniqueness and special powers, the garments give you access to places and people that otherwise only money and status could.

I created C RITTER as someone who is the polar opposite of a Wonderboy. Thrown out of the best fashion schools, unwanted and ignored by mainstream brands, I found inspiration in London subcultures and activists like Pussy Riot.

C RITTER dresses to impress AND break down hierarchies and social norms. The designs combine the aesthetics of DIY-culture and throwaway media with the attitude and chic of haute couture. It is for people who create luxury out of nothing and don't let anything stop them: Hustlers, performers, artists.

Key pieces are hybrid dresses and separates with DIY cutout details. All pieces are handmade from ECONYL®, 100% recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets by the designer in Greenwich, London.

C RITTER is a life hack for people with 100% Main character energy.

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