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How to turn a look dressing with 100% Main Character Energy

Updated: Oct 13

... and why the world belongs to those, who aren't scared to stand out.

by CRITTER | 13.10.2023

It's a Saturday night outside a club in Hackney, London. The queue is enormous. Probably 45 to 60 mins to get in. The event is a highlight for the city's creatives, clubbers and fashion kids. A girl called Aba arrives and tells her friend unapologetically 'Uh uh, I am not queueing - babe you know I don't do that'. She walks to the front and starts chatting and complimenting the people who are about to go in. She waves her friend to the front and they all get in together. Nobody objects or seems to mind at all. It's so effortless that her friend doesn't believe that it worked. What does Aba have that so many others don't and how can you get it?

Every generation produces its own unique set of trendsetters, influencers, and icons, but there's something special about those who radiate 100% Main Character Energy. It's not just about being in the spotlight or constantly seeking attention; it's about a natural magnetism that draws people toward them. They possess an aura, an undeniable charisma that makes them the unequivocal protagonists of their own lives. They're the ones you can't help but notice when they walk into a room wearing C RITTER (😉). There are many ways they go about their lives but there are 5 ways people with Main Character Energy stand out:

Show yourself! be excited to show your body and yourself

As a Main Character, you understand that clothing isn't merely about covering the body but a form of self-expression. You take risks and embrace bold colours, shapes and features that might seem intimidating to others. Instead of hiding behind a logo or label, the clothing you wear is showing you off. So many others hide underneath an oversized hoodie with a French couture brand across their chest - effectively hiding their bodies and minds in a veil of fictional fashion history and black cotton jersey. But you want more. More than just belonging to a made-up group of rich elitists who have nothing more to talk about than what they just saw on the Internet five minutes ago. You have wild ideas, dreams and ambitions that beg to inspire others so you walk down the city streets in a monochromatic stretch gown with your unwavering self-assurance that is impossible to ignore.

Indulge! Create moments every day without holding back!

You are not just the hero of your own story; you inspire stories in the people around you. We can all think of people whose lives are filled with adventures, moments and looks that make you stop and think, "Only they could pull that off." But a big piece of their magic is that they don’t wait for the one big event to live fully but rather embrace the now all the time. Wearing bright lime on a walk to the park can brighten someone else’s day or change your life forever. You know the most amazing moments are unplanned so being prepared to shine anytime is key to having lots of them.

Play! Be open to the unknown

The unconventional is the playground of those dressing with 100% Main Character Energy. They have an innate ability to challenge norms and embrace what makes them unique. Whether it's in their fashion choices, careers, or personal beliefs, they are trailblazers who fearlessly carve their own paths. Engaging with various types of experiences, people and styles enables you to know who you are outside conventional norms and boundaries. And it’s really fun. In a way, it’s about allowing your curiosity to guide you into the unknown that will give you the ability to infuse excitement into the ordinary.

Free yourself!

Take off the shackles and wear clothes that move with you

A lot of people wear clothes to fit in but also limit them to what they are supposed to do. Think of a business suit that restricts you so working on a computer and sitting passively or a fragile white silk dress, which will cause panic attacks once a stain has found its way onto its sleeve. You are not your clothes’ bitch. Main characters refuse to be hindered by clothing that restricts their movement or breaks easily. That’s why the entire CRITTER collection is made from ECONYL stretch-jersey, which will allow you to fully indulge in life without any restrictions or worries. Wanna stretch or dance in the middle of your day? No one is gonna stop you now!


Dress your favourite self with 100% Main Character Energy

Main Characters come in all shapes and sizes. They possess a belief in themselves and their ability to navigate the world that is nothing short of inspiring. This confidence isn't rooted in arrogance but rather in an unshakeable self-assuredness that empowers them to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. Being comfortable and knowing what supports you and your body will allow for that confidence to translate into effortless looks. You do want to be seen in your entirety, but you want to know that everything is shaped to perfection.

In a world that can sometimes make us feel like mere extras in the grand production of life, those with 100% Main Character Energy serve as a beacon of inspiration. They show us that being special isn't about conforming to expectations; it's about unapologetically being yourself and letting your unique light shine brightly for all to see. CRITTER is a brand that is completely dedicated to capturing and sharing this spirit and creating a community of thought-leaders, trailblazers and icons. Our clothes are yours to elevate and show off who you are: a Main Character.



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