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What Fashion Gets Wrong About Sizes and Why CRITTER is Here to Change It for Good!

Ever wondered why it feels like solving crosswords in a foreign language when trying to find clothes that fit? Here is what went wrong and what needs to change to fix it!

by CRITTER | 17.11.2023

Black plus size model with colourful dreadlocks wears blue lycra look by CRITTER

In the dazzling, ever-evolving world of fashion and clothing, there's been a longstanding disconnect. It's the perplexing, often frustrating world of sizes - a realm where logic seems to play second fiddle to fantasy. It's an industry that celebrates individuality and innovation, yet when it comes to sizes, lots of people are left forgotten or ignored, having to improvise and alter their clothes. This, dear reader, is where the tale of our own fashion crusade begins - a tale of how CRITTER is set to redefine this narrative for good.

The Paradox of Size in Fashion

Let's start with a simple truth: human bodies are as diverse as the stories they carry. We come in a myriad of shapes and sizes - tall, short, curvaceous, lean, with unique characteristics and, occasionally, disabilities. Our bodies are living, breathing works of art, each deserving its own bespoke frame.

However, the fashion industry, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to play a game of guesswork with sizes. Each brand creates its own sizing chart, a secret code that often leaves the average shopper feeling like an outsider trying to decipher an ancient, cryptic manuscript. The result? A shopping experience that feels less like a joy and more like a chore, often ending in a compromise that hangs in our wardrobes, unworn and unloved.

Riley Hanson in Mantis set

The Vanity and Sham of Sizing

Ever wandered into a store and found yourself fluctuating between sizes like a yo-yo? Welcome to the bizarre world of vanity sizing – a well-intentioned but misguided attempt to flatter, where a size 10 can suddenly morph into a size 8, depending on where you shop. It's a world where sizes are as consistent as a British summer – you never quite know what you're going to get. On the flip side, some brands do the exact opposite, leaving their customers feeling deflated and self-conscious. It's a lose-lose situation where the only winner is disillusionment.

The Quest for Individuality in a One-Size-Fits-All World

The irony of fashion is that while it parades under the banner of individuality, it often fails to cater to the individuality of the body it's meant to adorn. How can one truly express their unique style when the foundational element – the fit of the garment – is off? It's akin to painting a masterpiece on a canvas that's just not quite right.

This leads to an all-too-common scenario: buying clothes only to stash them away until we can find the time and money for alterations. But let's face it, not all garments lend themselves to the whims of a sewing machine. Certain designs are so intricately structured that altering them is akin to repainting a masterpiece – both expensive and risky.