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Total Infiltration! How to get into any club you want

Attitudes, strategies and looks from nights at Berghain, The Box and private parties that won't have a chance to turn you away.

by CRITTER | 20.10.2023

Let's be real. Where you party isn't that deep. You can meet the most exciting people at a bus stop and have the best nights of your life at a random house party of your best friend Lucy's cousin's place. The status game of where you spend your Saturday nights has become quite insane with people spending thousands of pounds on tables or flying to one specific party capital six times in order to try to get into one specific club. Truth be told, that's not how to have the best night of your life. At best, you get in and watch a spectacle, but as a CRITTER you expect more than that. Your Main Character Energy requires you to be part of it, and fully immerse yourself in the experience, right? So, money and possible connections aside - how do you get into any club and have the time of your life?

The best way to start your way into any club is a tiny bit of research. Especially if you are not a regular or have never been it makes sense to get a bit of an idea of what the place is about (you might not even like it!) Go online and check what the vibe is, what the event is called and who is playing. Clubs pay enormous amounts of money, time and effort on their vision to create a certain experience. They hire art directors, performers and even partygoers to make sure they provide their guests with a specific experience. So the best way to get them to let you in is by helping them bring their vision to life.

(Little side note here: the only part that people in t-shirts and basic jeans play in any curator's vision is as high-paying guests - so do better)

A place that masters the curation of a unique night out is the Box both in London and New York. Here the person on the door decides, who gets in easily and who has to pay the equivalent of a car for a table to get access. Inside all types of magical creatures are dancing surrounded by wealthy patrons who are sitting on tables behind a velvet rope. This type of place is definitely one where you want to show up looking like you just came from a magazine shoot. If you bring the vibe here, they might invite you back on a regular basis, drinks and table included.

Model wears black CRITTER top with cutout walking out of Berghain, club wear, fashion

Certain clubs have cultivated a cult following and a specific look that people stick to and embrace: most famously Berlin's Berghain. Any time of day when this techno temple is open you see endless queues of people dressed in black, standing silently with the hope to be among the few ones who don't get the dreaded 'Heute leider nicht'. There are plenty of online blogs and videos about its infamous dress code. Strangely, once you are inside it appears as if the monotonous black has been broken up by people who wear whatever they feel like. Obviously, obeying the styles and codes of a club can really help, but breaking them by showing up with a twist - be it a monochromatic look that isn't black or a lycra gown - can be your ticket in. There is something irresistible about standing in front of the bouncer, him looking you up and down and then giving you the nod yes because he is impressed by your subtle art of not giving a f***.

Model wears silver CRITTER outfit, hybrid skirt, stretch, club kid

Clubs often are a microcosm of society or an idealised version thereof. Diversity plays a key part so the beauty of being there is that you realise that it is not about copying a specific look or being perfect in any way. In the best clubs, the crowds are not homogenous at all. They host all different characters: weird, gorgeous, old, young, fat, disabled, pregnant, ... you name it - they are there. Uniqueness is key here, so don't mess up your chances by showing up with five carbon copies of yourself. Be different and see the best in yourself as it allows everyone else to be at ease and fully enjoy themselves. You will see how magnetic you are when you even embrace your 'faults' and make them your best feature.